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Life and Works: Ludwig van Beethoven - 4 CDs & Book
Life and Works: Ludwig van Beethoven - 4 CDs & Book

Beethoven was a musical giant. In this 4-CD portrait-in-sound, actor Bob Peck’s voice portrayal, as Beethoven, combines with the magnificent music to reveal a titanic personality, both vulnerable and belligerent, comic and tragic, and above all heroic, as he comes to grips with perhaps the greatest disability a musician can suffer. No man's music is more universal, few men's lives are more inspiring. In every sense but one - his modest height - he was a giant.  The great bonus of this audio-biography is that the development of Beethoven's music can be heard in the context of his life. What did he write in those early, ambitious years when he was at the peak of his musical powers? What did he write when beset with anxiety over his failing hearing? And what was the music that insisted on pouring out of him, even though he couldn't hear it himself?  A complete teaching unit can be created from this excellent resource.  4 CD Set w/184 pg Book   Special Closeout Price - Limited Qty - No Returns

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