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Life and Works: Mozart - 4 CDs & Book
Life and Works: Mozart - 4 CDs & Book

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the most astonishing child prodigy in the history of music, is felt by many to be the greatest composer who ever lived. Drawing richly on the words in letters to and from the composer himself and those who knew him, and generously illustrated by Mozart's music, from his fifth to his final year, this 4-CD portrait-in-sound features actor Nicholas Boulton’s voice portrayal, as Mozart, and reveals a fascinating yet elusive character. Dominated and shaped by a highly intelligent but frustrated and ambitious father, his story sees the development of a unique genius, from precocious and often endearing childhood to liberated fulfillment, unexpected poverty, and a tragically early death. A complete teaching unit can be created from this excellent resource.  4 CD Set w/128 pg Book   Special Closeout Price - Limited Qty - No Returns

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