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Life and Works Tchaikovsky - 4 CDs & Book
Life and Works Tchaikovsky - 4 CDs & Book

Tchaikovsky is one of the most popular composers of all time. His melodies are known to many people who may never have heard his name. The man himself and his music were widely loved, but his inner life was fraught with sufferings, confusions and a deep vein of self-doubt, all vividly reflected in his music. This 4-CD portrait-in-sound features actor Malcolm Sinclair’s voice portrayal, as Tchaikovsky, and is packed full of biographical detail and poignant musical extracts as we are led through the course of Tchaikovsky’s eventful life. A complete teaching unit can be created from this excellent resource.  4 CD Set w/108 pg Book   Special Closeout Price - Limited Qty - No Returns

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